“We are so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful school! Thank you for all you do fo the kids, LRSH is by far the best decision we have made when it comes to our child’s education. Thank You for everything!” – KC

“We would like to thank the teachers and staff for all they do, their hard work & dedication. both my kids learned so much during their time at LRSH and I will continue to spread the word about how much we loved it.” – Ashley Anderson

“We are so sad to say that our daughter’s last day will be on Friday. We are moving out of town and unfortunately, there is no Little Red School House there. We are so thankful for your school & happy that our daughter enjoyed her time there so much. You are a great school that has taught her so much!” – The McCall’s

“I want to thank everyone who has been involved in Vanessa’s life over the last two years. I appreciate knowing that my daughter was safe and happy during her day and that someone else always had her best interests at heart. It has been so nice to see her in a loving environment that has only reinforced what I have been teaching her at home. I truly appreciate all that everyone has done.” – Amber

“We are very grateful for the progress Chase has made and for the care and concern that has been shown to him for the last two years. We would highly recommend Little Red School House to anyone who is interested in a quality preschool and primary (K-1) school. Chase will be ahead of any class he joins.”

You have been part of our home video for 4 years — not sure what I’ll do without seeing you on our TV. You’ve impacted all of my daughter’s lives in such a positive way. I am forever grateful. If you ever wonder why you are teaching, just remember how much you mean to my girls and what an impact you’ve made on their lives.